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Custom Color Development

Product Development Is Hard, We Understand.

With years of industry experience, we know how critical timelines get, along with the importance and accuracy of your parts. Rehue Studios strives to be the easiest part of your product development process.


Our Services


Color, Material, Finish

Our team of designers can help you accomplish any desired look for your product. Creating custom paint colors, loosing our minds exploring materials, and accomplishing your desired finish, it's what we do!

Prototype Re-Finishing

Client meeting coming up soon? Prototype or production pieces showed up, and not up to snuff? We can touch-up or re-finish those eye sores and make you shine. 


3D Printing

What properties do your parts require? SLA,FDM,SLS,Polyjet? Rehue Studios got your back. We offer a wide array of printing styles to meet your needs. 

CNC Machining

Precision is key in many phases of prototyping. We show the utmost importance on those tight tolerances. Send us your CAD and let us impress you. 

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